2013 Finalists

  1. Team 1: RiverGen / Indonesia
  2. Team 2: The Wings / Vietnam
  3. Team 3: BFLteam / Vietnam
  4. Team 4: G-Rock / Thailand
  5. Team 5: Wedu / Thailand
  6. Team 6: ROF CSA Munching Box / Thailand
  7. Team 7: Bamboo / Indonesia
  8. Team 8: Happy Pancake/Myanmar
  9. Team 9: Localalike / Thailand
  10. Team 10: Dysoft Global / Malaysia
  11. Team 11: Nusantara / Singapore

GSVC–SEA would like to thank all entries to our executive summary round in 2013. It is tough another year for our judges to make a decision. After a long discussion, GSVC–SEA is proud to announce the Regional Finalists as following:

Team 1: RiverGen / Indonesia

RiverGen aims to become Indonesia's leading independent power producer of clean energy in the mini-hydro sector. The company seeks to raise ~$60MM USD in equity & ~$125MM USD in debt to develop a 100MW portfolio of mini-hydro sites over the next 5 years. RiverGen currently projects a target equity hurdle rate of 20.0% based off a free cash flow IRR sensitivity analysis of ~19.0% - 25.0%. The company also expects to generate significant non-financial returns that will benefit the country's environment as well as promote economic development & rural electrification among local communities surrounding each mini-hydro site.

Team 2: The Wings / Vietnam

The WINGS was born with a mission to become a trusted source of job placement and career development for people with disability (PWD) in Vietnam. Through job scanning process, we guarantee best possibility for PWD to meet and satisfy job requirements. We also enhance their aspiration to work by offering free trainings of professional skills and soft skills. While connecting with companies, the WINGS expects to improve the enterprises' awareness and attitude towards recruiting and cooperating with PWD, and to establish the appropriate working conditions for PWD via our own consultation. All activities are set just for one cause, to encourage PWD to be strong and live freely.

Team 3: BFLteam / Vietnam

We work out a commercial and technological solution to deal with the demand of construction material. We introduce and distribute a type of construction material in Vietnam called Ultra-light adobe under the mission: Better future of living! This material reuses agriculture waste including saw-dust, rice husk, straw, organic vegetable fiber along with sand and cement which proposes following financial, social and environmental values

  • To provide a qualified building material
  • To minimize the cost thanks to cheap input
  • To be affordable to all types of demand from small to large scale
  • To handle effectively the agriculture waste

Team 4: G-Rock / Thailand

G-ROCK is the first B2B manufacturer of an eco-friendly lightweight blocks. Our made-of-waste product was invented by Thai scientists, certified by 2 patents. G-ROCK competitively provides superior quality products that increase efficiencies of construction process. Reducing and utilizing wastes, saving energy consumption and cutting back CO2, G-ROCK is proud to lead the change in improving the world. Because of its product niche, innovative technology, effective business strategy and experienced management team, G-ROCK Provides investors with social, environmental friendly and profitable investment opportunities in the new and fast growing sub-segment of building material market.

Team 5: Wedu / Thailand

Wedu catalyzes the next generation of local female leaders in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of SE Asia by providing innovative financing options for university and the lifelong support of a global community of mentors where no such services exist. We create a positive cycle of inclusive development by identifying girls committed to work on local issues; investing in their university education; mentoring them to lead and train future leaders in their communities while repaying the funds to serve more girls. We operate in Cambodia and Myanmar and we are Social Enterprise Startup of the year 2012 at Cambridge University.

Team 6: ROF CSA Munching Box / Thailand

CSA Munching Box - a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program providing weekly subscription-based delivery of seasonal organic fresh fruit and vegetables direct from the farms to customers' doorsteps in Bangkok, to bring the customers closer to our farmer networks in many provinces.

The primary target customer is expat communities (both Japanese and Westerner) in major cities in Thailand. These customer groups tend to have background knowledge on CSA and appreciate the concept as well as have high purchasing power.

Team 7: Bamboo / Indonesia

LexiPal is a product to help dyslexic which focusing on children. It provides the best solution to minimize the number of undiagnosed children with dyslexia. This is integrated software which is fun, attractive and effective treatment program to decrease the stress level and frustration of the dyslexic children in doing the treatment by implementing the first motion method for the treatment. We are not only selling the product, but also educating society by changing how Indonesian look and think about dyslexia. It is educating society that dyslexia is disability that can be minimized by the right method.

Team 8: Happy Pancake / Myanmar

The ageing population in Myanmar is increasing. Some aging people still have to work for making their ends meet. The works that they are doing are heavy and over-loaded which is not suitable for their age. The salary is also not attracting with the average salary of $50 per month at most. The working condition is also very bad and no grantee for their future. So we create a simple and easy job for them while offering hygiene and healthy Myanmar snake; “KaytNyinMout (Sweet Pancake)” and “San Mout (Cereal Pancake)” by establishing “Happy Pancake – Social Business”

Team 9: Localalike / Thailand

Localalike is a community-based tourism platform developing and supporting local homestays, local tour guides, and unique local cultural activities.

Our goal is to promote sustainable practices and preserve the local culture of the native people of Thailand and other SEA countries, while providing economic opportunities.

Our team also assists in the development of social and environmental issues by creating uniquely designed development programs for tourists to partake it. Localalike will provide a booking platform for community-based homestays, a vetted local tour guide database that include videos highlighting local unique lifestyles and cultural activities.

Team 10: Dysoft Global / Malaysia

Dysoft Global Sdn. Bhd. a private limited company inspired to be leader in commercialization, focusing on formulation and product development technology developed by Universiti Putra Malaysia. Our product Neolexic will be positioned as a book and software package that enables teachers and the students to have interactive learning environment in class thus improving learning quality of dyslexic students in local and global market. We believe that Neolexic is extremely marketable because there are 280 million Malay language users around the world. Our company has bright future and vast range of potential products to commercialize. Therefore, the company is worthwhile to be invested in.

Team 11: Nusantara / Singapore

Nusantara Development Initiatives (NDI) is a registered non-profit social enterprise. Our vision is to end energy poverty and create growth. We train rural women in Indonesia to be solar lamp entrepreneurs. They then provide these life changing technologies in surrounding communities who have no/limited access to electricity. The rural women entrepreneurs earn a good commission for the lamps sold and NDI receives surplus to cover operational costs. In places where electricity is scarce, expensive and inconsistent, such free lighting' has improved economic development and contributed to a better quality of life.