2014 Finalists

GSVC-SEA would like to thank all entries to our executive summary round in 2014. It is tough another year for our judges to make a decision. After a long discussion, GSVC-SEA is proud to announce the Regional Finalists as following:

Team 1: Nusantara Salt / Indonesia

Team Logo_Nusantara Salt.jpg

Nusantara Salt, a social business venture, aims to increase well-being of Indonesia traditional salt farmers in underdeveloped coastal areas whom lives in poverty. They heavily rely on weather and conventional salt processing method, thus unable to produce rock salt that meet standard quality and quantity required by market.

Isolator Media on Crystallization Plate (IMCP) is a practical salt drying method composed of triple-layers polyethylene plastic. This increases salt production quality and quantity, either in dry or rainy season. IMCP method will help traditional salt farmers to meet salt quantity and quality demand without relying on weather, which afterward improve their well-being.

Team 2: WheelGoRound / Thailand


"wheel-go-round" is an online platform that provides reliable traveling information for wheelchair users. Accessible information of places including necessary facilities like toilets, ramp, reserved parking, etc. is published on the website www.wheelgoround.in.th, and mobile application where users can view, share, and comment. Furthermore, WheelGoRound organizes events for wheelchair users and their families to encourage them to come out. This interactive community among wheelchair users would help drive a change toward equality for wheelchair users so they could have more freedom in wheels, while also encourage place owners and government agencies to provide facilities that better accommodate them.

Team 3: Mahameru / Indonesia


Carrageenan Nusantara (CARNUS) helps low-income seaweed-farmers to improve their welfare by facilitating the production and marketing of high-quality Refined Carrageenan (RC) with competitive-price. Instead of selling unprocessed-dried-seaweed, we empower them to utilize our Chitosan-Absorbent-Technology (CAT), an easy-to-use and cost-effective technology to process this low-margin product into high-value Refined Carrageenan (RC), the essential ingredient for making jelly & pudding. The farmers will earn twice than their original income, enabling them to send their children to school and to access proper healthcare facilities. In collaboration with local universities and communities, we aim to build a sustainable business with balanced economic, social, and environmental values.

Team 4: PandawaLima / Indonesia


Silandak, a product made from fish waste through silage process and mixed with corn extract, multivitamin, and mineral mix which creates high nutrient cattle feed, aims not only to minimize the cost of cattle feed for farmers, but also brings benefits for the environment.

Silandak Community (Sico) consists of people and farmers who dedicate themselves to take part in preparing, producing, marketing, distributing, and using the product. People look trash as something worthless, but Silandak successfully shows us that there is a treasure behind the trash.

Team 5:SolutionGuru / Singapore

Logo - Team SolutionGuru.png

SolutionGuru is an interactive digital platform which provides affordable educational solutions. Its mission is to help the world improve efficiency of education distribution, to alleviate the burden of high educational expense, to offer a way of reducing school dropouts, and to promote collaborative interaction and learning. Initiated by Dr Lee, SolutionGuru completed 5 sets of solutions to mathematics textbooks and acquired 13,000 registered users within the first 8 months. The team along with Dr Lee would like to further realize the social value by completing development of the platform and introducing it to broader base of public.

Team 6:AYUDA Food Aid / The Philippines

AYUDA Food Aid Logo.png

Envisioned as a product of alternative and sustainable livelihood for local Filipino farmers, the AYUDA Ready-to-Eat Food Bar is intended to become the most viable food option for victims of calamities in the Philippines. Highly-nutritious and greatly filling, the AYUDA Food bar will serve as a source of energy, protein, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients for victims of calamities, while addressing the issues of convenience and nutritional value lacking in typical disaster relief goods such as instant noodles and canned goods.

Team 7: Chique / Indonesia


Chique is a start-up company in producing parquet flooring made from chicken feather. Chique utilize chicken feather that has no economic value, since chicken feather is considered as waste and it possesses a great danger to the people health, air and soil quality. The business will be partnering with chicken slaughter house by establish plasma system to collect the chicken feather as the main supply of raw material. Therefore, we hope this business will create a great benefit by serving the environment and community around the neighborhoods.

Team 8: Indigo Energy / Myanmar


Indigo Energy provides lighting and cell phone charging to villages in rural Myanmar through solar powered micro-grids. We develop, install, and commercially operate these projects. Essentially, we act as the village lighting utility – we collect money once per month to provide lighting daily from 18h to 23h. Our current service offerings include three 3W LED lightbulbs per house and street lighting at a cost of .10USD (100 kyat) per day. Cell phone charging will be introduced in the next several months. We have installed two projects that serve 27 and 26 houses, respectively, in the Delta Region of Myanmar.

Team 9: SocialGiver / Thailand


SocialGiver introduces SocialCoin, a revolutionary social currency that reconciles the inherent conflict between spending on yourself versus donating to worthy causes. By converting your money to SocialCoin you can do both, with the same one coin. Suddenly, every Baht is now worth two.

SocialCoins are already accepted by dozens of hotels, restaurants, and experiences - with proceeds donated to amazing causes. On top of doubling your purchasing power, we also offer best price guarantee and exclusive discounts.

SocialGiver raised over 500,000baht for 5 projects, with 40 businesses signed up to give away services worth over 2.5million. Get your SocialCoins at socialgiver.com.