Up & Running Ventures

Real Impact, Real Businesses:

The GSVC–SEA has been a part of launching social businesses during its short history.

1. RuralLight/the Philippines

RuralLight is a Philippine-based, youth-led social enterprise focused on empowering off-grid communities in pursuing sustainable solutions in renewable energy. The organization supports in empowering off-grid communities and villages using renewable energy in part or wholly by providing scalable solutions that support their local economies. This includes supporting local produce such as lemongrass oil by expanding their markets and engaging in community-centered product development and deployment like bringing in products for the bottom of the pyramid. Now they are operating in the off-grid areas in Mambugsay and Murcia, Negros Occidental of the Philippines.


2. BrightMind LABS/New Zealand

BrightMind LABS is a social venture that exists to improve the lives of children by creating applications that fuse immersive gaming principles with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / CBT. In the ideal world, there would be access to quality face to face therapy for every child who needed it. Unfortunately no-where in the world is the need for therapy or mental health services for children fully met. The team is particularly interested in providing access to CBT for kids who may not have access to quality face-to-face therapy. CBT delivered by computer is well proven to get results for children with depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder or Asperger's syndrome. Currently, BrightMind LABS is selling their product online. The team joined GSVC–SEA in 2009 and won the world's Best Social Impact Assessment.

3. Freehap/Thailand

People's income is getting higher but people around the World are becoming less happy. Freehap believes that this problem should be considered more seriously and we must find realistic and measurable ways to help improve World Happiness together. Freehap is building a platform to research how happiness can be improved for different types of people. The data will be both useful for the government and private sector for improving happiness by providing the right kind activities for their targets. Freehap is now talking to a number of investors and already started their pilot application on Facebook.

4. AquaReal/Thailand

AquaREAL opens the opportunity for farmers to access cost-effective technology and realize increased productivity while reducing the risk of disease and contamination. Their solution consists of indoor, re-circulating water systems that enable farmers to raise aquatic animals in high-density conditions without needing to perform water changes. With this NSTDA patented technology minimizes the land required for farm operations. The solution dramatically reduces the negative impacts created by water contamination and soil destruction. AquaReal is now in the incubator program at Thailand Science Park.

5. Punô/the Philippines

Punô is a social enterprise that seeks to reduce post-consumer waste through more sustainable retail systems. It leverages its social impact through varied distribution methods that deliver quality, affordable and locally produced eco-friendly household and personal care products that utilize less packaging and encourage more environmental awareness in consumer practice. Punô's sustainable retail systems are unique, utilizing a combination of massive base of pyramid distribution networks, to mid-level, mainstream commercial retail. At present, they are piloting their consumer product retailing system with Hapinoy, the largest social enterprise retail network in the Philippines.

6. Raitong Organics Farm/Thailand

Raitong Organics Farm Co. Ltd., a social enterprise based in Bangkok, was established in 2007 to create a thriving and sustainable community of Thai farmers and customers. The company promotes organic and natural farming methods as a way to improve the well-being and dignity of Thai farmers and as a way to ensure that the customers have access to the best quality and most nutritious food produced. The company believes that being creative and innovative, and encouraging an active community of farmers and consumers is the future of organic food cultivation in Thailand.

There are key principles of philosophy and practices in which the company is pursuing including:

  • “Our relationships strengthen us”
  • “Everything is food for something else” 
  • “Teach people how to grow their own food and they can eat for a lifetime” 
  • “Food defines us”

At the present, Raitong Organics Farm is undertaking a series of projects related to food and agriculture that are vital towards helping customers and farmers understand the value of the lesser appreciated sides of growing things, both in the rural and urban areas. Those projects are, for examples, Feral Fruit, Bananaponics, Soil chromatography, etc.

7. Chique/Indonesia

Chique is a start-up company in producing parquet flooring made from chicken feather. Chique utilize chicken feather that has no economic value, since chicken feather is considered as waste and it possesses a great danger to the people health, air and soil quality. The business will be partnering with chicken slaughter house by establish plasma system to collect the chicken feather as the main supply of raw material. Therefore, we hope this business will create a great benefit by serving the environment and community around the neighborhoods.

8. SocialGiver/Thailand

SocialGiver introduces SocialCoin, a revolutionary social currency that reconciles the inherent conflict between spending on yourself versus donating to worthy causes. By converting your money to SocialCoin you can do both, with the same one coin. Suddenly, every Baht is now worth two.

SocialGiver raised over 500,000baht for 5 projects, with 40 businesses signed up to give away services worth over 2.5million. Get your SocialCoins at socialgiver.com.

SocialCoins are already accepted by dozens of hotels, restaurants, and experiences - with proceeds donated to amazing causes. On top of doubling your purchasing power, we also offer best price guarantee and exclusive discounts.